Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Bucks County

The summer is a delight in Bucks County
Pa. where Joseph is a child.
As he edges into puberty
the mystery of daily life
deepens in the sunshine.
When a child grows
slowly into friendship, there is no
getting to know. He starts in intimacy.
Automatic are bonds of memory, territory, maps,
All of the members of the intimate union
live on a shared planet.
Jim and Joseph live
on the same planet.
Each deposits his paths
and walls into the consciousness of the other.
They chemically handshake in their minds like
cooperative machines. It's not that
they are one, but they know, each,
where the other is. They drift into familiarity.
Joseph lives next door to Brenda.
He and Brenda begin exploring ritual and
decoding mystery from the time their memories begin.
It is not just familiarity, it is joining in the development of appetities.


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