Saturday, June 16, 2018

The War for the Possession of the World

Shut up
I'm not interested
in you. I'm real,
the world of
rock and fire
where muscle
powers my passage.
I'm going
over the oceans
that God constructed.
Shut up
with your mealing
about your
lonely mind,
how it buzzes
with faces
and voices you don't
hear. I'm not
worried about
where the dead go
I don't listen to
the echo of
"will there be

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

You Tube Video: Kookie Drawings and Strange Poems
You Tube Video: Kookie Drawings and Strange Poems

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Rubber History

In their minds
my hair is yellow
and my nose
is like a button.
In their minds,
I am soft
and when they tell me
they touch my thigh,
I guess they like it.
And when I say
yes, I touch you too,
visions of lost places
tie now to the past.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Two Poems about Love

1. Love Is Less

She typed,
I didn't get
a lot of sleep last night.
Having a girlfriend
in England
when I live
in Oklahoma
doesn't help.
I typed,
These chatrooms
are a real health hazard.
Maybe worse than cigarettes.
She typed,
I can't help my heart.
 I typed,
Can you love
an entity you
have never seen?
What is love
What are lovers?
What are human beings?


2. The Myth of Social Life

Pleasure is always
solitary, like
death. When I
die, will I find
union or solitude?

Friday, June 01, 2018

The Very Edge of New

This is the
beginning of the
time of leisure.
Now our bodies
are lounging on
hammocks in
gardens. Our
hungry selves are
taking their dreams
for walks over the world
finding in unimaginable places
tidbits of pleasure and drama
that touch
organs we
never knew existed.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Deafness of the Eye

It's deathly quiet
in the hum of my brain
when even the fantoms don't
talk to me. It's my fault,
 I suppose, because I bore them.
Tonight I longed for them
and made a dream of
a place they would always be.
There will come a time
when even I
won't talk to me
or even find me

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Three Way Chat

Me: We are lines of text.
We are just
lines of text.

She: No we are real people.
I have some real friends here.

Me: The lines of text encode
parts of the souls of real people.
The parts missing are
just the secrets.

God: By 2018
you have found
found the way to encode friends
in living lines of text.