Thursday, October 27, 2016


The backyard railroad tracks
and the coal piles of Ohio
die in 1943.
The guilty running
through the wheatfield
and the evening
tomato feasts die
in 1952. The passionate
fistfights pass away hard.
Brenda Laupton and Eugene
die with them.
Patty and Bobby Proctor
and the first touch of
girl's knee takes over along
with the wrestling matches
on the grass. They die in
1955. The last episode
of local fame dies in 1958.
The modern algebra book
dies in 1960. The final
argument about the evils of
behaviorism dies in 1962.
The Frieden calculator
dies in 1965. Barbara C
and the Upper West Side
turns to dust.
A recklessness,
grows out of canned tuna
in 1964. The bean loaf is invented.
Birth borealists the sky.
Special spaghetti sauce,
the dart of dodge all
flow like a great
cold lake over the flames
until she flickers.
The great north dies
after the century passes.
How long will
the forest last? It's
already November.

Friday, October 21, 2016

My Refrigerator Named Jules

A Photoshow

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ascent Aspirations Magazine

Ascent Aspirations Magazine is publishing ONLY poetry on a weekly basis on a page called Friday's Poems at
This week includes my poem:
​Mondo Cane

When the world
tottered on a turtle's back,
when God could give out virgins,
and stars were holes
in the ceiling of His palace,
we didn't know
how the continents
floated on
oceans of liquid iron.
We didn't know
how clouds of suns
painted themselves
in patterns
deep in the sky.
Vasco De Gamma and Polo
didn't say how
in steamy places
that never see winter,
the brave men
tease the largest black spiders
out of their tenebrous
caves in the sand
and stack them in
piles of legs and empty
eight-eyed carcasses
in the marketplace
along with the limp
bodies of monkeys

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Night I Dreamed