Sunday, November 25, 2007

A New Hypothesis

Why not?
is the final
expression of the aging.
Those wonderful dreams,
basic dreams you kept
hidden, obligated away all your life,
let them play out.
You have nothing to lose;
and there you lay
closed eyes, pretending at death,
enjoying its fruits.

What Would Have Been a Conversation

The answer to "you" is "I."
But this is how she talks
"wants to have a drink."
"wants to rest now."

The pathetic "I" once fading
is now gone. And the body goes on
making its little requests.

"night or day,
never knows if it's.
no traces has,
no familiar faces and even
strangers never last."

68th Birthday

The end of life together is where we've come.
Freedom & guilt & fear & lonliness oh my.
I will never again say forever.
It could have been betrayal;
but it was age.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

68th Birthday: A Poetry Video

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fred Astaire

He tosses things
in the air while
doing the two step
dance of the fearless.
His inability to fail
seems like a miracle.
His two step dance
is the dance Joshua
danced when Satchmo played the trumpets.
It's clearly
an American dance,
invented in the invincible land of the free.
It is the dance of sales
and enterprise, risk
and freedom.

Fred Astaire has a way with a smile
which absorbs
even the deepest
of desolations
transforming them
to situational
jokes. Women
give him their hearts
and he upends them,
open-eyed and alert.
He plummets face first
along the current, shouting
what wild heros shout,
"yahoo!" Never doubting.

On the 47 West

I sit on the bus
surrounded by history.
Only the young, unless they begin
making mistakes early,
are blank.

Bodies record.
I can read history here.

You are my race,
I want to shout
as I get close to the exit.

We gather inside
with all of other nature

Monday, November 12, 2007

Frequent Naps

I think she has
visited the edge so often now,
and finds it a pleasant spot.
She holds her face
well out to scoop up the wind.

Now that her path
has come close to the cliff
she wants to stay.
Often closing her eyes.
She's not afraid of the
unimpeded sky.

I think
it's a gentle encounter.
The exposure loosens her sleep.