Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Optimist's Soul Search

I think I'm an optimist
because I have pleasant dreams.
to discharge
my twistiest wishes
I will carry, privately,
into death.

Dreams animate
my sanctuary in the
protoplastic place.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Publication in "A Poet's Siddur"

I got this e-mail today:
Dear Don,

Thanks for submitting work for the "A Poet’s Siddur" project!

We'd like to use your poems "The Candle", and "Thankfulness Prayer" in the book which will be released later this year. (We’re hoping for September.) We’re working on plans for publication events, including live internet broadcasts and more, so stay tuned for that info!
I’m also excited to let you know that we’ve been given permission to include a poem from the late (but perpetually great) Leonard Cohen in the book, so we’ll all be in very good company on these pages!
We’re on to the design and layout of the book. Rest assured, before we send anything to print, you will receive a pdf proof via email with your poems and bio which we’ll ask you to look over to make sure everything is at it should be.

As a contributor to this book, you'll receive one free copy of the book and you'll be able to purchase additional copies at the significantly discounted contributor's rate. (Information on this is forthcoming.)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Only the Blind Can Watch

Only those who
live can watch
and they are
biased from the start.
We are such
a strange and arbitrary shape.
Who could have
imagined it in the
time before eyes?

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Psychic Phenomena

I managed to
share a dream
last night and
another one
this morning.
It was so fragile
immodest, brief.
Have you ever
shared a dream?
The touchpoints are very
narrow. Negotiation
is not possible when
you are in the
midst of it.
You better not
try to go back
it bursts
as delicately
as a bubble.