Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sharon Might Be

She and I have always
stalked each other
about the room.
There is some
message inside
that both of us
keep from letting out.

Yet we are bound by it
and the family ties
which hold us in our orbits
expose us to waves
of secret that
pass through us,
will not let us laugh.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Human Sea

so much english

in the bus
alone bathed
in language,

soaked in
for now
until my ears dim.

When I last actually
had a conversation
I received a
compliment from
someone with
a pretty name.

When I get
nice compliments
from people with
pretty names
I feel
the kiss of angels
on my cheek.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fly Me to the Moon

(after a popular song by Bart Howard)

Fly me to the moon
fill my heart with song
what there is of me
can only ask. I would
be a thing in your arms,

my life darkened and hardened
and my thingness emerged.
I would let my
thingness come back
from whatever hiding place
among the lights.

I want to be
limbs dripping off you
like dull wax,
a deadweight in your arms.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tea for Two

Two for tea
and tea for two
I have seen this verse
from both sides now.

When there was no you
union was a mysterious hope.
There were no
whispered secrets,
me for you
and you for me,

and now the words reverberate
hollow in the glassy hallway
after the zamboni has
polished the tiles and I
conspire against you
with the forces of
record preservation,
and safety.

Two for tea
and tea for two
I will see you in a chair,
glass in your eyes
awaiting my brief visits.
No friends or relations
on weekend vacations.

Patrons of the Cafe

One of the lucky women
gets to sit in the booth
as the green waitresses
melding with the decor
slip by.

She performs
all the tiny dances
that feel good as she
lounges with her munchies.
Mouth pleasure
is a great mnemonic.

Throughout the cafe
individual histories
stretch far away and into the
obscure corners of nearby places.
Little dances of habit
mimic what they know.

Hannah's Birthday

Hannah was born
near midnight
and we weren't told
until this funny early morning.

I've gotten to know
most of the day
after all I've lived a while.
But even for me
the day has it's
kinky hours

when the home
of my daily footsteps
feels like a hotel
as if I'm visiting a new city
on business
and I don't know a soul.

Unexpected tasks
at unexpected times I do;
and even with the possibility
of being served by strangers
with big smiles
I feel hungry
and there is no
sunny weather.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What I Saw in the Emergency Room at Two AM

Mouths smeared open
where eyes refuse to focus.
Their mouths are private
and carry tiny
do-not-enter signs.
They are too weak
to enforce their own
rights. The body is
mechanics and fluid dynamics.
When you get your eyes clear
you can see and
when you are used to it,
you can construct your monster.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Passion Fruits

While others
built with wood
I was making toys of cardboard tubes
and paper clips,

blonde shickza
taking me to her bedroom
and making me late
for fourth period math class,

and teacher thinking I went
to the devil,
wrestling match adventure,
the best experiences

were in the games.
When the others were
risking everything,
close to death

in the throws of passion,
I didn't dare
go after
the sweetest fruits.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Afternoon in Kildonan Mall

I'll be damned
if I didn't see
my mother sitting in the mall.
Not young, but in her last
recognizable unimpaired state,
her face iconic. She always reminded me
of the face on the Indian head nickle,
broad, firm, permanent.

There she was
smiling at the children of strangers.
We all were
attending too much
to the needs of the young.
I know they
deserve a place in the center of the world,
as I once enjoyed it;

but I grow weary of
watching them prance about
when every spot is a gathering place
for soft cheeks and laughter.
"Mother," I anxiously called.
But she didn't recognize me