Monday, September 26, 2016

Anthology Publication

Dear Don,
Thank you for submitting your poems to Lost Tower Publications.
I am delighted to inform you that your poem ‘Introduction to Photographs of Flowers' has been accepted into The Poetry of Flowers.
In this anthology, we have selected a range of touching, emotional, inspirational and educational poetry from around the world. Work was chosen for publication based on strict entrance criteria including originality, subject matter, expression, imagination, emotional effect on the reader and creativity.
Introduction to Photographs of Flowers
As an entertainer
I don't often
write about flowers.
I don't own them.
They are never
original and thus
are never true.
They don't push
against the friction
of my mind properly.
However they are the
sex organs of
our neighbors, the
vegetables. They
model the most
important part
of our swift passage
over the years with their
fresh beginnings and their
They mean
what we do
quietly. But
they state it
grandly, with
pretty smells.
We hide in them,
even use them to
draw each other
into our dark and
private corners.


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