Saturday, May 07, 2016

Thirteen Lines

My parents
are OH and C
who begot me.
What a strange
state came of their union.

How could
an aware thing
be mixed in the
crucible of rocks only to fade?

Why do we cling to life so hard?
Are we just
borrowed jewels?
What is the rest of time like?


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Heidi Standell said...

I'm a mother, and sometimes I think how unfair it is that the person in this world that I most cherish - my daughter - will someday follow me into death. Just as you wonder at how your distinct self came into being, as a parent I stand amazed at the "borrowed jewel" that is my now grown child. With you, I also wonder how and why certain bits of magic threaded DNA composed themselves to become me. It's hard to imagine the entirety of a person just disappearing: "poof"! The very atoms we are made of are eternal, so perhaps in some way so are we....


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