Sunday, January 03, 2016

"The Greenwich Village Literary Review"

It turns out poem "Lines about Truth" will actually appear in the Fall (2015) edition of "The Greenwich Village Literary Review" which will be published "as soon as possible."
Lines About Truth
The truth is
mostly for adults.
The truth is
what we almost all agree on.
It is where we
hang our hats.
It's what is left.
when all the unknowns are used up.
The truth is
basically boring.
It is
made of bricks.
It hurts when you are
hit with it.
The truth is the
target that theory always misses.
It hides
out there somewhere.
The truth is
unknowable because it jiggers.
The truth is
always beyond the textbooks.
It is created in the minds
of soldiers and children.
The truth is
what we put in the God time capsule.


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