Thursday, December 17, 2015

Seven Deadly Sins

Dear Don,
Thank you for submitting your poem to Lost Tower Publications.
I am delighted to inform you that your poem 'The Over Man' has been chosen for publication in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology.
In this anthology we have selected a range of touching, emotional, inspirational and educational poetry from around the world. Work was chosen for publication based on a strict entrance criteria including originality, subject matter, expression, imagination, emotional effect on the reader and creativity.

The Over Man

I envy his clean
blue eyes. I come
from the South of the world,
the slothful place. My muddy
eyes say "gypsy."
He lives in the country
and wears his shirts
with long sleeves buttoned
around his wrists. One can
never criticize his neatness.
He has a natural wave of hair
over his high forehead which signals
care, seriousness, importance, the
treatment given to those who never
suffer insults.
I can rarely focus
into eyes so pure. I only
catch a glimpse of
flashes from the wings of angels.


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