Friday, May 23, 2014

An Ahah

I see suddenly clearly
through the window
while we await
our soup, an
ordinary man,
features cratered and
puzzled. He wanders
about in search
maybe of a place.
He speaks to
an invisible face
and hears through something
mounted on his ear.
The attachment is
a very thin thread.
He carries packages.
The world around him
looks like a jumble of bubbles.
But it's really a vacuum.
I realize how
un-assuring the wind is,
as he is tethered
far from birth.
Many of them walk,
straight on their missions,
tethered on thin threads.
They all take chances,
venturing far from sleep.
Yet there is a place, somewhere, they
emerge from,
a warm feathered nest,
a bed, a voice not kind
but familiar.


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