Tuesday, January 21, 2014

After the Lecture I gave Today

I am pleased with the lecture I gave today,
a zinger from the heart. But I suspect that I often
go too far into my heart when I speak,
with not enough of the 
impartial disinterest
I'm supposed to show
when speaking about affairs
of the human mind.

I hear the pull in the students' voices,
too naïve to feel the danger.
Urgency almost always spells danger,
especially in learning.
I could not examine the students
in the light of so-called knowledge.

When I fell down,
in the classroom,
in the heat of inappropriate
and innocent candor,
the knowledge really did
seep out of me like gas,
deflating me.

Evaluation of poor assumptions
is the first thing to go. With sudden
doubts about everything, I'm
tempted to apologize.
When would the certainty return?
It is like a forgotten word in an aging brain.


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