Thursday, December 19, 2013

Morning with Cat and Tree

He awakes
two full hours
later than usual.
Well his dreams
disturbed his sleep
several times just before dawn
and he awoke to a safe place
where everything gradually made sense.

And the cat came in
fell asleep on his legs.

Samuel is grateful to the cat
for crediting him with humanity,
believing that cats have
a way of honoring those
fundamentally good, at least not harmful.

The sun is gleaming in the Winter sky.
The trees seem supernaturally tall,
dark lines of the branches,
nude branches like slow gelatine 
ooze upward and outward
through unsystematic pathways in space.

He wonders how the trees
choose the holes in space through which
the branches expand.
They are amoeba like,
protoplasm squirts up
through invisible narrow channels in the air.


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