Monday, March 05, 2012

Memories of Winnipeg

We often
intensly disagree,
but I know your face
and over the long term
you have always been here
and tightening my strings.
Now I see you broken.
You have
temporarily lost and
every one of your days is scary
as you hang on a string above the
safety web, with king safety poised to
eat you.
I could gloat and will and do in private
while smiling down at you and offering
a hand which I know is not enough.
We have tightened each other's
knots and tugged for 20 years. I'm
glad to see you victim of your errors.
I tell you your career has been
checkered. You have been stubborn and
righteous as if you were
meant to struggle. My
poor friend. And you have become
something else. It must be
better now.


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